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Does your electric bill suddenly got skyrocket high? It could be due to a faulty appliance or wiring that causes your electrical system to draw more power supply. To prevent further bill shock, a North Sydney Electrician can check which part of your electrical system has problem and repair it for you. We can customize our services to better suit the preference of every North Sydney residents and business owners.

Gordon Powers has more than 10 years of experience in the electrical industry and has serviced most of the suburbs in the North Sydney region. We are your North Sydney Electricians who have helped hundreds of customers and worked on small to large-scale home and commercial electrical works. We love everyday challenges and we accept daily electrical operations with excitement knowing that we will be delivering an ace service to all our happy and loyal customers in North Sydney.

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As your North Sydney Electricians, your satisfaction is of vital importance to us. We value all our customers and it always look for a long-term commitment with them. We earn more customers by constant quality work we provide them. It is a matter of how we treat our customers that differs our family business with the rest of electrical contractors in North Sydney. With Gordon Powers, there is no such thing as small or big project. Even if your electrical booking is simple, we will give you on-time resolution. Should your electrical is big, there is no problem with us working on it. We are good with time management and can finish any project the shortest timeframe possible because we value your time as well.

Getting recognition in the services industry is very hard. That is why Gordon Powers North Sydney Electricians always aim for excellence by making sure that every aspect of our services are carried out perfectly. How? Here are some of our remarkable traits being the best North Sydney Electrician you need:

Highly-trained North Sydney Electricians

We are a family of electricians with intensive hands-on experience in the application of electrical knowledge when it comes to installations, repair and maintenance of electrical components. We never cease to learn new technologies and upgrade our knowledge to better deliver more quality work than before. Our constant trainings enable our operations to comply with Australian Standards to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Professional and Courteous North Sydney Electricians

Graham & Sons North Sydney Electricians always provide professional and courteous service. We come on time and leave once everything is working well. We are pleasant to work with and always wear a happy attitude. You will also notice the high level of respect we give our customers especially our seniors in North Sydney.

Fast and Dependable North Sydney Electricians

How do we convince our customers that we are the best North Sydney Electricians they need? We do it by being your highly-dependable North Sydney Electricians that can act fast in any situation. We see to it that we finish all booked appointments on time and immediately respond to any emergency situations. These are the main concerns of every customer and we are able to deliver it with no problems.

Gordon Powers - North Sydney

If you need a North Sydney Electrician today, you will get to work with the best electricians at Graham & Sons. We are experts in general electrical installations, repair and maintenance works. Below are some of the comprehensive electrical services that we provide:

Home Electrical Inspections

Your Gordon Powers North Sydney Electrician can conduct a complete electrical check to evaluate safety of your electrical circuits and if there are any underlying hazard and risks being caused by a damaged electrical component. If you are selling a property or moving into a new one, we, your friendly local North Sydney Electricians that will ensure that your place is free from any electrical issues.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke is a result of fire and smoke is easily detected. A good working smoke detectors will alarm you of an existing fire occurrence and help prevent any misfortune in your homes and commercial property. To make this possible, your technical Gordon Powers North Sydney Electrician will help check your smoke detectors, repair it if there is any fault and maintain it for longer reliability performance.

Above are only some of the many quality electrical services we offer. You may visit our page at Gordon Powers Electrical Services for a full line of the exceptional services we provide to our North Sydney customers.

Do you need a solution for your electrical issue now? Contact Gordon Powers and we, your local North Sydney Electricians, will be eager to assist you. You are entitled for a FREE quote and consultation!

All our customers are plainly satisfied with just not only the best quality electrical services we provide, but with the extra mile service we offer by providing them power-saving tips to help them with their day-to-day living. Your Gordon Powers North Sydney Electricians always look after the benefit of our customers. With every operation, we see to it that our customers understand their electrical problem, how we fixed it and how to prevent same thing from happening. Your North Sydney Electricians will also give you simple hacks that are safe to conserve energy.