Level 2 Electrician - North Sydney

Are you having a hard time finding the right Level 2 electricians that can handle your home or business advanced electrical needs and demands? You start looking at North Sydney Electrician. We have the most amazing team of Level 2 electricians that are already experienced in handling electrical works in the North Sydney regions for more than a decade now.

Our Level 2 are qualified and authorized by Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy. We have the below overview of the services we provide to our customers:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Overhead and underground service lines
  • Meter installations, off-peak metering
  • Connections and disconnections of power mains
  • Network connections
  • Service Upgrades

North Sydney Electrician has years of experience in managing and handling the above services both for residential and commercial. We finish every task within the same day of first visit and if it will take more than that (normally for major electrical operations), we will give you a detailed timeframe.

Meter movement or additional meter installation

If you are doing a home or business expansion and need to move your meters, North Sydney Electrician can temporarily shut down your power from the mainline and disconnect your meter. We will transfer it to the location you allocated and test that it is working properly upon the resume of your power connection. For additional meter installation, we are open to help you determine the right meter you need for your current electrical system and install it accordingly.

Disconnecting or reconnecting power supply

If there is a need to disconnect your power supply to support another electrical work like repairs, replacements and other tests, our Level 2 at North Sydney Electrician can disconnect your power supply and reconnect it after the work is done. Only licensed and knowledgeable Level 2 electricians should handle matters regarding your power line. A non-experienced electrician might tag along a couple of electrical mistakes and can even bring hazard to you and your assets.

Pole or Line Relocations

When you are planning to relocate to another house or another commercial building, or simply need to relocate your poles to make way for your building or lot expansion, you can definitely seek help from North Sydney Electrician. Our team has the right equipment and tools to disconnect your power line from the pole, take out existing pole, move it another location and reconnect your power line. This may look simple but an ordinary electrician with not enough experience with this type of work will not be able to deliver the job safely.

Electrical service alterations

For further requirements or changes you need to do on your existing service lines, you can also have North Sydney Electrician to work on it, given that you have the necessary documents and approval from your electricity provider about the changes. Our master Level 2 electricians can complete the work in hours within the same day.

How to schedule an appointment with North Sydney Electrician?

Booking your appointment with us easy. You can contact our number and our friendly staff will assist you with your concerns. We may ask a few questions to check on your current electricity settings and will dispatch our Level 2 electricians to your place. We will also give you a FREE quote for every inquiry and consultation calls. All prices are also given upfront without hidden charges.

With North Sydney Electrician Level 2, your home and business are in good hands. Check out more of what we can offer you by calling us at 02 8378 2826